Six tips to Work on your Five Paragraph Essay

You may have written many essays in academics, but have you heard about writing five paragraph essay? It is the type of homework you start doing at the primary level. When you reach college or university, you have to write short essays expressing your ideas. At university level, a five paragraph essay is common. Hence, essay writing in college or higher studies is more critical and advance in the term of content quality and information. Writing is always been an artistic quality that you need to develop for homework writing. will help you achieve your academic goals, read further to know about five paragraph essay.

When you write an essay you need to follow a systematic approach of writing. For writing an effective essay you need to do proper research and follow several writing formats for making it effective and impactful.  Five paragraph essay writing is just an extended form of normal essay writing. It has more headings and subheadings. You may get confused as it is something that you have to write at the college level. You can read more about the essay writing by following our latest blog for understanding the exact difference between essay and report writing.

How to write an effective essay? 

You can write a lot of information about the topic and compile in the form of the essay but do you really think it will make it effective and help you to get good academic grades? No, until you follow the structural way of writing and proper formatting you can’t be sure of its quality. For writing an effective essay you need to do a lot of research and collect data from the relevant sources.  The quality of your essay depends on several factors such as:

  • What methodology do you use to write your essay?  
  • How do you deal with facts and figure? 
  • How you represent the content of the essay? 
  • What are the sources you follow for writing your essay?

These are some questions you must ask yourself while writing your essay. It will definitely make a positive impact on your process and help you to write an effective essay. 

Tips for writing Five paragraph essay writing

tips for writing five paragraph essay

As we can see the systematic approach of writing not only help you to construct an effective essay but also make the process easier.  In academics, we need to deal with various type of essays. Usually, every essay contains five-paragraph and you need to explain each and every paragraph in a well-organised manner.

Some of the steps that you must follow while writing 5 paragraph essay are listed below:

Write an introduction that interests the readers

 In this section, we introduce the theme of our essay.  The introduction must be well written and clearly explain the theme of the essay. we should avoid making it lengthy and involve only relevant information. The language of the essay must be very clear and easily understandable. The reader should not face any difficulty while reading your essay. Your message should easily reach to him.

As the heading suggests, you have to introduce your essay topic in this paragraph. It is the paragraph through which you will try to grab the attention of the readers by telling them about what you want to say through your essay.

However, you don’t have to explain the topic at a broad level, all you need to do is sum up your introduction in one sentence. In addition, you have to develop a thesis statement that describes the main idea of the essay and you should also give three points that support your thesis statement.

In the next three paragraphs discuss the topic thoroughly

It is the section of the essay where you discuss the main topic of the essay; means you explain the topic here. In the first paragraph, you should summarize your point in a sentence. You should do it right from the start of this paragraph. 

After that, you should start writing the argument. Here, you have to describe why you think you are right about the topic. You should present the evidence supporting your argument. You should use quotes, facts, examples and statistics for the same reason. 

 After an introduction you need to explain three body paragraph of your essay which is known as:

  • First body paragraph
  • Second body paragraph
  • Third body paragraph

First body paragraph

Once you are done with the introduction,  now the second step of Five paragraph essay writing is to work on the first body paragraph.  In this section, you need to Prove the thesis statement with the help of some strongest points.  Your starting sentence should match the testimonial sentence of the introduction. In the next sentence, you should explain some example relating to your point of argument and in the last part, your arguments need to be transitional. 

Second body paragraph

It is a section of 5 paragraph essay where you should give the most relevant and strong compelling argument which must support the thesis statement.  your starting sentence should be relevant and connected to the transitional sentence of the first paragraph. You need to be very clear with your arguments. Once you are done with this paragraph now write a transition sentence so that you could connect the third paragraph and then reach to the conclusion.

Third body paragraph

This is considered as the last paragraph of the body of the essay. In this paragraph, you are required to write the weakest argument and with the help of this argument, you support the thesis statement. Try to make this paragraph short and meaningful. do not use a lot of examples to justify your arguments. 

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The conclusion should be compelling

The conclusion is the section of the essay where you have to summarize the essay. It is the paragraph that most of the readers read along with the introduction to understand the essay topic. Thus, it is a must for you to write it in such a way that it convinces that reader.

In this section, you should re-write the thesis in such a way that it gets connected with the body of the essay in a sentence that tells how every point supports the thesis. The final sentence of the essay should uphold the main idea clearly.

Proofreading and editing. 

Once you are done with the write-up, now you should proofread the content so that you could find the possible mistakes and fix them.  With the help of proofreading, you can not only minimise the number of mistakes but also improve the quality of your essay. This is the reason why it is one of the most essential steps for every piece of writing. 


I hope with the help of this blogpost you are now well aware of all the parts of  Five paragraph essay writing.  and know how to proceed with such essays. 

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