Ways to Work on your Five Paragraph Essay

You may have written many essays in the academics. It is the type of homework you start doing since the primary level. However, when you reach the college or university level, you have to write essays that are totally different from the primary levels.

5 paragraph essay

Five paragraph essay writing is also something you may get confused as it is something that you have to write at the college level.

As a homework help online provider, we understand that you could have some difficulty in attempting a five paragraph essay. Thus, we will discuss the ways to write a five paragraph essay in this article.

Write an introduction that interests the readers

As the heading suggests, you have to introduce your essay topic in this paragraph. It is the paragraph through which you will try to grab the attention of the readers by telling them about what you want to say through your essay.

However, you don’t have to explain the topic at a broad level, all you need to do is sum up your introduction in one sentence. In addition, you have to develop a thesis statement that describes the main idea of the essay and you should also give three points that support your thesis statement.

In the next three paragraphs discuss the topic thoroughly

It is the section of the essay where you discuss the main topic of the essay; means you explain the topic here. In the first paragraph, you should summarize your point in a sentence. You should do it right from the start of this paragraph.

After that, you should start writing the argument. Here, you have to describe why you think you are right about the topic. You should present the evidence supporting your argument. You should use quotes, facts, examples and statistics for the same reason.

The conclusion should be compelling

Conclusion is the section of the essay where you have to summarize the essay. It is the paragraph that most of the readers read along with the introduction to understand the essay topic. Thus, it is a must for you to write it in such way that it convinces that reader.

In this section, you should re-write the thesis in such way that it gets connected with the body of the essay in a sentence that tells how every point supports the thesis. The final sentence of the essay should uphold the main idea clearly.

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