UK Visa Guide For International Students

The UK get several requests for a student visa from international students every year. But only a few get chance to study in the UK. Today in this article we will talk about visa guide for international students and help them to know about all the procedure which they should follow while applying for their visa. 

International Students who want to study in the UK a need to apply for the student visa and they can only apply for a student visa if they enrol their self in a full-time degree course in the UK. Student cannot apply for a student visa if they want to do a part-time course in the UK. Students eligibility for students visa is calculated using the four-tier visa procedure.

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Student Visa Rules – An Introduction

If you want to study in the UK, you need to earn 40 points for applying students visa. These points are based on various criteria and you need to follow them systematically. 


1. Course confirmation

First of all, you need to receive a confirmation of acceptance for studies in short CAS from a university approved by UK visa and immigration(UKVI). You can earn 30 points, once you apply in A-rated colleges and universities These universities must have been given highly trusted status(HTS) on (UKVI).  You should choose only A-rated colleges which can issue CAS number. The rating is valid for 12 months and all A-rated colleges must apply for status within the 12-months of the transitional period.

For selecting an a-rated college you don’t need to do much effort. Just go to study London website and get the complete list which has highly trusted status. You can also check the London University profile and get complete information about all the Universities and colleges of London. You can also search for the best course for your academic with the help of course search

2. Funding

You need to provide evidence that you are capable of paying both your course tuition fees and your monthly living cost and this procedure will help you to earn 10 points.  An average tuition fee Is £12000 per year. But in some cases, it may vary from £8000 to £36000. You also need to provide evidence that you have £1265 for each month of your study. If you will be studying in inner London then the cost of a 9-month course or more will be around £11385.

This condition is applicable to all the students who are are looking for an opportunity to study in London. You will be considered to be studying in London only if you are studying at the University of London or at any Institute within London or in areas or border of the London.  So it is quite necessary for you to check whether your university comes under the border of London or not and then you should make Tier-4 application. 

You can check the eligibility criteria for UK study visa by visiting UK Visa and immigration website and get further guidance on the UKCISA website.

3. Visa Application

In order to submit your tier-4 student visa application, you need to visit the UK visa and immigration website. With the help of this website, you can easily complete the online application form. An international student from all the countries apart from North Korea need to submit their visa application through the online portal.

You will also need to submit your fingerprints and photograph which is also known as biometric information taken at visa application centres. It is a crucial part of your application and without completing biometric you cannot proceed further

4. Immigration Health Service Charge

Students from outside of Europe who are coming to live in the UK more than 6 months are required to pay health surcharge in order to gain the facility of UK National Health Service. The cost of health surcharge is £150 per year and student need to submit this amount when they submit their visa application online.

Remember you can only apply for a visa once you get a confirmation of acceptance for studies. So before applying check whether you are eligible for UK student visa or not. One more important suggestion is, do not apply until you have been accepted onto a course. 

This is the complete procedure which international students should follow while applying for students visa in the UK.  I hope with the help of this article now you are able to understand the tier- 4 procedure of students visa and how you can easily deal with it.

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