Reflection paper: An Essential Part Of Academics

Whenever Students start their academic career and decide to go local college or Stanford University, at some point they all need to deal with reflection papers.  It is one of the most essential and common tasks of academics in which student get a chance to express their own thoughts regarding an issue.  As a student, it could be possible that you have heard about reflection paper so many times.

But do you exactly know the meaning of reflection papers?  If no, then and you shouldn’t be panic as this blog is going to resolve all your queries related to this topic. In this blog post, we will discuss all the things that are related to the reflection paper.  With the help of this blog-post, you will not only get a complete idea of writing reflection paper but also resolve all your doubts of reflection papers.

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What is a Reflection Paper?

Reflection paper and its types

 In a simple language, we can say reflection paper is a kind of essay writing in which you are free to express your thoughts and ideas about the topic. While writing reflection paper you are allowed to take a personal approach of writing despite providing bare facts.

The discussion topic for the reflection paper can be related to any subject- from your favourite travelling spot to watch your favourite movie.  There are countless topic and subject that can be discussed with the help of reflection papers. We can categories reflection paper in three forms such as educational, professional and personal.  Each category of reflection paper follows slightly different treatment and tone:


This form of a reflection paper is a proper response to some book, lecture or film.  The prime focus of this kind of reflection paper is to convey a meaningful message to the audience. 


It is a form of reflection paper in which it appears as a common task for student and social worker.  The prime focus of this kind of reflection paper is to analyze the person’s behaviour.


It is a form of reflection paper that allows you to express your feelings, emotions and thought regarding a more intimate subject. 

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How To Write A Reflection Paper?

Everyone has their own writing style and routine that they follow while writing any paper.  So it completely depends on you that what kind of routine you follow for writing an essay.  If you think that your performance increases after a short walk or a cup of coffee then performing these kinds of activity can make you more efficient while writing a reflection paper.

Here are some tips that everyone must be followed while writing 

Go through some paper examples

If you are stuck with ideas and don’t know how to initiate writing then reading some papers example would be the best decision for you. It will not only give you some better ideas but also improve your thinking capability.

Focus on your deadlines

While drafting your reflection paper always remember about its deadline. Try to complete all write-up before the deadline so that you could have proper time to proofread and fix the errors from the content.

Conduct some research

Try to conduct some research on a given topic so that you could have enough and relevant material for your assignment. 

Don’t try to finish your essay at once

 If you want to make your essay impactful and impressive then use only relevant information. Add some ideas every day considering the deadline in your mind. Don’t try to finish your essay at once it will not only decrease the essay quality but also increase the possibility of mistakes.  

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Make a proper introduction

 Once you are done with all your research try to write a catchy headline for your introduction. You should be clear with your thoughts that you are going to add in your introduction.

Step by Step Writing Flow

While drafting reflection paper you should avoid making it descriptive.  A reflection paper is all about learning, researching and explaining.  You must follow your altitude that is very important for writing reflective paper and be careful with your grammar.  Try to proofread every paragraph once you are done and follow the proper citation.

Writing Plan For Reflection Paper

The writing plan for reflection paper follows a set pattern of guidelines. And if you follow the writing plan properly while writing, this will not only help you to write an effective reflection paper but also help you to get good marks in your essay assignment.

Steps to include in a reflection paper

Steps that are included in the Reflection paper are listed below:

Decide a topic

Usually, it is assigned by a teacher or professor. But if you get a chance to decide the topic always try to choose a topic in which you have an interest and you know that you can write about this topic.  But in case, if your teacher or professor already has assigned you topic then you must conduct proper research for the given topic so that you could have enough material for your assignment.

Start brainstorming

Once you are done with your topic now you need to make notes about everything that can be connected and related to the topic.  Follow the proper strategy of writing and choose a point or an approach.  

Outline your paper

Outlining is quite important for writing a good reflection paper because it not only improves the visualization but also improves the quality of the assignment.

Complete an outline

Always focus on the main theme of the essay in the introductory part. Add some creative and supportive ideas for every part.

Ask yourself questions

If you feel at a point that you are stuck and don’t know how to proceed further. In such situation use reflective questions and it will help you to proceed further. Ask some simple questions to yourself like “How does it make me feel connected to the topic?” and “How is it related to my everyday life?”


This section of reflection essay must be very clear. It should easily convey the central idea of the essay to the reader. 

Limit the word count

We should be very careful with the word count while writing a reflective essay. It should not exceed more than 750 words.  

Reflection paper outline

For writing a reflection paper we have two different approaches first one is known as the traditional way of writing. Another one is known as an original way of writing.  We will discuss both approaches one by one.

  1. Try to explain the main and central theme of the idea in a thesis statement.  Develope it in a body paragraph and justify your paragraph by supporting arguments. Then again use the supporting and thesis statement for the conclusion. 
  2. Initiate a proper conversation on a topic and hint on a conclusion.  Suppose you start a discussion about a topic and the subject of the topic is going to lead but there is still room for some doubts.  Now provide complete analysis in the body segment and then come up with the conclusion. It will be completely different from what you expected at the starting of the discussion.


While writing reflection paper you must have control over your emotions.  You just can’t be too emotional or too judgmental for the argument.  You should explain your idea in a reasonable and proper way and you can’t be sentimental with the theme of the essay.  And it should completely fit in an academic style.  While writing introduction make sure that you are conveying exact message what you want to convey to your readers. Tell the readers that what they are expected to get in the following discussion and paragraph. Build a strong idea:  and try to summarize with the theme of the essay in one sentence to drive attention. 

  • The introduction must be informative and  brief
  •  You are free to ask reflective  questions in the text
  •  Avoid starting from the thesis come back to it later


This is a section where you explain and explore the thesis.  You should try to explain the whole case in multiple paragraphs.  And try to construct 3 paragraph structure.  In the first one explain the experience and how it affected you.  In the next paragraph compare the experiences of others and then explain in a  constructive way that what you have learnt from it. 

  • You can use the reasons as a starting part of the body for  explaining why did you choose the topic
  • Be logical.
  • Include some effective examples and quotes sources
  • Explain how subject affected you?


While writing a conclusion for the essay always remember it must be solid and even striking.  The conclusion is considered as a bottom line of the paper that explains that you have been successfully formed your idea.  End your discussion by placing strong accents. Try to leave a convincible image of your experience on the reader’s mind. So that they could accept your arguments and justification about the topic. 

  • Focus on the main points  and strongly put your view
  • Make it impactful and effective
  •  Give a proper explanation of your question that you have asked in the introduction

Information about essay formatting

Proper formatting of the content not only improve the quality of the assignment but also easily gain the attention of the readers. So you must be aware of all formatting while writing a reflective essay.

  • Use only standard A4 papers
  •  Try to make a 1-inch margin on each side at least
  •  Font size must be 12.
  •  Use only those fonts that are easily available (Arial, Times New Roma, Calibri, Helvetica, etc.)
  • Make a double space between the line
  • Citation according to APA, Chicago style, etc. (defined by a teacher).
  • Word count must be between 250 to 750

Knowledge of the reflection essay paper writing is not enough you must have an idea how to deliver a compelling university presentation on reflection essay papers. It will make you more aware of this form of essay writing technique.

Editing and proofreading

Once you are done with all your write- up now the most important thing that must be followed for minimizing all the error from the content is complete proofreading of the essay assignment.  With the help of proofreading, you can easily eliminate all the possibility of spelling and grammatical errors from your content and make your essay presentable to your audience.  Without proofreading you cannot be assured of the content quality of assignment and this is a reason why it is quite an essential part of essay writing. 

Now you can understand with the help of this blog post that reflection papers are the genuine response to events opinions and new information.  With the help of reflection essay, you can easily enhance your learning abilities and writing skills.

I hope this article helped you. If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding the blog, you can write in the comment section below. Our academic writing website is meant for minimising students academic stress of writing. We at our website provide accounting homework help, mathematics homework help and many more.

Thank you for reading!