Persuasive vs. Argumentative Essay Writing-Know the Difference

Many students have confusion about a persuasive and argumentative essay. Both types of essays help a writer to convince the readers to agree with his or her opinion about something.  A persuasive essay is a form of essay writing which deal with emotions. In which write try to change or influence readers mind with his art of writing.  With the help of persuasive essay writer try his best to make the reader feel agree with his thoughts and emotions. For instance, the advent of a beautiful bird with the title “  how much you care about me”,  or an advert asking “ raise your hand who wants to live longer”

Whereas argumentative writing follows a different approach of writing which is more formal and academic.  For writing an impactful argumentative essay the writer needs to have solid grapes on all the arguments with solid evidence.   For example, an advert that says “smoking is injurious to health”   obviously this claim is backed up by  WHO and FDA.

However, there are some differences between these two types of essay writing and unawareness. Which could lead you to make errors in attempting it. Keeping the significance of this topic in mind, as one of the top homework help companies in the UK, we have come up with a writing piece that tries to tell you about the difference between persuasive and argumentative essays.

What is argumentative essay writing? 

While writing an augmentative to the essay you must be sure that you have enough facts and evidence to prove your argument.  That’s mean writer need to do a lot of research and paperwork for writing an impactful augmentative essay. The writer put a lot of efforts for justifying his arguments with the help of facts and figure. An argumentative essay is a form of essay writing. In which writers try to convince the reader with their ideas and facts.

It is a form of essay writing which is based on a debate. You need to be very clear with your evidence and they must be capable enough to justify your points.  You also required to have a complete awareness of the pros and cons of the arguments.

What is persuasive essay writing?

A persuasive essay is a completely different approach from the argumentative essay writing. It is a form of essay writing in which writing fact and figure are not required. In this form of essay, writing writer needs to convince the reader with his ability of writing and his own words.

Writers need to put his own opinion and thought that can stir up emotions in the readers mind so that they could agree with the writer’s opinion.   This is how persuasive essay writing is different from argumentative essay writing.  In persuasive writing the writer play with the reader’s emotions rather than his mind.  For writing a persuasive essay the writer needs to have complete knowledge of his audience interest. So that he could influence them with his writing abilities.

Both types of essays have their own challenges. And you have to know about them while differentiating both forms of essay writing. Before writing any essay you should conduct the research process so that you could have complete knowledge of all the requirements of the essays.

Along with persuasive and argumentative essay writing, you must have knowledge of five-paragraph essay writing. It will help you to understand the various technique of essay writing.

Persuasive essay vs. Argumentative essay

Starting point

The persuasive essay is the type of essay in which you have to select a topic. And you can start writing by choosing a side you want to support.

On the other hand in argumentative essay writing, you have to select a topic, have to do research to gather facts, stats, and evidence, etc. You can decide to support a side after that.


The main and sole purpose of persuasive essay writing is to convince the readers of your point of view.

Argumentative essay writing is a bit tough. The sole purpose of this essay is to convince the reader that your argument is valid.

Required approach

1.) In the process of writing a persuasive essay, you have to present the facts combining with the emotions to make the readers agree with your views.

While in the argumentative essay writing, you have to present facts, reasons, and evidence to convince the readers that you are valid about your argument.

2.)Persuasive essay writing is more of emotion-based writing.

Argumentative essay writing is totally different and is logic-based.

3.)In the persuasive essay writing, you don’t have to worry about making the counterclaims, and you can simply convey your thoughts by ignoring counterclaims.

On the flip side, you have to acknowledge the counterclaims while writing an argumentative essay.

4.)In the process of writing a persuasive essay, you have to simply present the ideas to establish a position.

The argumentative essay requires you to compare the ideas to establish your position.

5.)The persuasive essay is the type of essay that presents only the author’s side.

You can present multiple sides in an argumentative essay, but you have to present the author’s side clearly.

6.)In the persuasive essay writing, you make a claim without giving any evidence.

While in the argumentative essay writing, you have to provide evidence with the claims.


You may have an emotionally charged and aggressive tone whole while writing a persuasive essay.

Argumentative essay writing is the type in which your tone is calmer as you try to convince the readers to agree with your opinion.


As we have discussed in this article that how argumentative and persuasive both are different from each other. And follow a different genre of writing.  Persuasive essay writers try to convince the readers by playing with their emotions whereas Argumentative essay writing convinces the audience with fact and figures. In other words we can say the augmentative essay completely depends on logic and reasons whereas a persuasive essay is based on emotions and opinions

So, it was a small effort from us to give you an idea of the difference between an argumentative and persuasive essay. Hope you find it useful.

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