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Netflix and Its Harmful Effects on Students These Days

“It’s 3 a.m and I am still watching Netflix you can say it’s late but who cares when its Sunday tomorrow. I have just finished the last season of game of thrones and it was awesome now I am about to start a new web series I am pretty excited for this web series as it has a lot of bold content and surprising thrill” this was the yesterday’s Facebook post of my friend.
You can say there is nothing wrong in this post but from my point of views, I can see how he is destroying his life. Today the phrase Netflix and chill is getting famous day by day. People love to watch web series and movies on Netflix. There is no denying the content served by Netflix is quite very unique, bold and attractive.

People love to watch Netflix. It has an audience of millions and the majority of its audience are students.  and this is the reason why we should worry about it. You might think it is quite silly. What is a big deal if students love to watch Netflix but do you know it is affecting students life, routine and health even their career also. continuously watching Netflix is a kind of addiction and it can lead to a serious problem in students life. 

Today in this blog post we will discuss how Netflix can affect student’s life at the larger scale and even ruin their career.  With the help of this blog, students can understand the bad impact of Netflix and prevent themselves from the addiction of Netflix. Our experts at  have curated an article about Netflix and its impact so keep reading to know about them.

How Netflix affect students way of  living


Students need to perform several academic activities that are essential to get good academic grades.  But it has seen that 5/10 students skip their classes and don’t take assignment and coursework seriously just because of  Netflix. Students waste their precious time of academics just for watching Netflix. It not only kills students efficiency but also harm their potential career. 

There was a survey which reports that 9 out of 10 students in the UK watch Netflix in their spare time. Everything is good in limit but when a thing goes beyond the limit it becomes an addiction and it can be harmful to individual life.  it is same in the matter of Netflix. Students who have the addiction of watching Netflix may face a serious problem in their social and academic life

Netflix affects students living in various ways some of them are listed below:

Reduce efficiency and interest in other activities

It has seen that most of the students who use Netflix more than  3 hours do not take any kind of interest in social connection or other activities. It can be easily accessible via laptop, tablet and phone so you don’t need to be in the front of the television for watching its shows.  Most of the students prefer to watch Netflix in odd hours. Students sacrifice their sleep for it and when they don’t get proper sleep. Due to improper sleep, students seem less interested in their studies in the classroom and also they just don’t want to participate in other activities which shows how it can affect their efficiency and interest. 

Affect your academic growth

In academic you need to follow a   tight schedule of activities and you need to perform in every activity in order to improve your growth in the academics. But it has seen in that the student who watches Netflix too much do not perform well in his academics and it affects his academic growth.  In academic students need to be very attentive and responsible for their duties but when they get into the addiction of Netflix they start skipping their classes and don’t take any interest in their growth in academics. This is how it can ruin somebody’s career and life

Can cause insomnia

Too much Netflix can cause insomnia and badly affect your health.  It has seen that most of the students who use it in odd hours suffer from insomnia which is the root of various health issues.  For a healthy life, a night of good sleep is necessary to have. And in a students life, it is essential to have but student sacrifices their precious sleep just for watching some episodes.  In the starting the don’t aware about the bad impact of watching Netflix in odd hours. But day by day they get into the addiction of watching an episode on Netflix and they start sacrificing their sleep for their favourite shows and movies which cause insomnia and they struggle to have a  good sleep.

Mental illness

 Too much Netflix can cause mental illness. Students who use Netflix a lot may suffer from mental illness. Some of the symptoms that prove someone is suffering from mental illness are listed below:

  1. Getting angry over silly things
  2. Struggle to  concentrate
  3. Bad memory
  4. Headache or  migraine
  5. Feeling lonely
  6. Too much of  thinking

 If you find more than two symptoms in your behaviour and body then you should consult a doctor right now.  Mental illness is curable if consulted by the doctor timely. 

Disconnect you from society

Too much  Netflix can disconnect you from society. It has seen that students who watch Netflix a lot do not interested in real-life connection and love to enjoy their own company.  Enjoying own company is good but being a part of society you are expected to have a social connection among the colleagues and people which is quite good for your growth in academics as well as in life.


Now you can see how Netflix can affect your life and even ruin your career.  Try to make a schedule for watching and follow it on a regular basis.  Things are good in limit but worst when it goes beyond the limit. So when it is all about your life, your health and your career why to compromise with it. Don’t let suffer your career and life by Netflix.  Give priority to your academic task and activities and when you feel that you have enough time to spend then Netflix and chill. 

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