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How to write a statement of purpose successfully?

Writing any piece of paper has always been a tough task for the students and researchers. Especially, when they don’t have an exact idea about the structure and format. But when you know the proper format of writing and your writing task automatically become child’s play. And you can easily decide how your piece of paper will look. 

Take a moment and think do you really want to put a lot of effort and research before writing any piece of paper? If no then you are at the right place. We are here with this quick guide by which you can easily draft a successful statement of purpose. 

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What is a statement of purpose?

Statement of purpose provides an initial idea and reason behind your writing to the reader. You can understand the statement of purpose in a very simple manner with the help of the following example. Suppose you want to apply for graduation in a college. Now you need to write a proper application and this application will contain

  • Your educational background
  • Course for which you are applying
  • Your family background
  • Why you are applying?
  • The reason why did you choose this particular college?
  • What are your future plans?

Sometimes it’s called SOP letter, application form, cover letter and many more. Your SOP letter not only explains about you but also represent your writing ability in front of the reader. Some quick tips while writing sop letter are listed below:

  • Your SOP should not have any kind of grammatical and spelling errors
  • You should use a strong and concise writing style
  • Keep a positive and formal tone

What is the general format

The general format is quite similar to any piece of academic writing. You should use:

  • Time Roman font
  • 1-inch margin from both ends of the paper
  • 1.5 line spacing

When you have proper information about the formatting your writing task becomes quite simple for you. Having format information not only help you to write a constructive piece of paper but also improve the visualisation of the content. 

Do I need to put my name in my SOP application?

Generally, you are not required to put your name in your SOP application. You just need to explain your purpose of applying for a particular course work program. Also, you need to clearly state your views why are you applying for this particular course?. But if your program says that you need to put your name in your SOP application then you should follow the university guidelines and direction.

How long is a statement of purpose supposed to be?

Your statement of purpose application should not exceed more than one paper. If it required then you can add one and half more paper in your application. You should avoid writing a lot and try to clearly mention your points in the application.

The reason why you should not exceed the length of your SOP application because universities get thousand of application every year. And they just go through the bold points of the application and on behalf of these points. They shortlist the application forms. You should be focused while writing your SOP application and avoid making mistakes

Statement of purpose format

The format of SOP is quite simple and similar to any 5 paragraph essay or any academic paper writing. You need to fill all the information in the sections in order to make it more informative and attractive.

First paragraph

In the first paragraph of your SOP application, you should clearly add information about yourself. You should also include your career objectives. And why you want to be a part of this university or college.

Second paragraph

In the second paragraph, you are required to explain why you want to choose a particular field of education and what you want to do. Explain your interest in a detailed manner. And this will help your admission officers to know why you are applying for this educational program. 

Third paragraph

In this section, you need to add some information whether you have some kind of expertise in your area of study or not? 

Fourth paragraph

It is a section where you describe whether you have some other experience that helped you to decide to choose a particular area of study. Your SOP application should be very concise and it should not include too much information. Try to make it effective an error-free so that it could easily get the attention of the readers.

The fifth paragraph or the closing paragraph

In this paragraph, you clearly state your views and objective goals related to the particular area of study. Be very clear with your requirements and clearly explain why did you opt for a particular academic coursework program.

The closing paragraph should not exceed more than 300 words. So try to add all the important information in this section without exceeding the word count. This was the complete format and structure of the SOP application. I hope now you know how to write a statement of purpose successfully. So if you are looking for any kind of academic help we are always here to assist you in every possible manner.

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