How To Write A Dissertation

In this post you learn about how to write a dissertation. If you are in academics you would be aware of the importance of the dissertation and how it play a major role in your academic career.  Basically a dissertation can be considered as a long piece of academic writing which is based on research made by the students. And it is submitted as a part of a doctoral master or a bachelor degree. A dissertation can be considered as one of the longest tasks of writing task that you have done in your whole academic career.

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Dissertation’s structure


The dissertation structure may vary according to the research and university requirements. This is the reason why we cannot follow the same structure strategy every time for all kind of dissertations.  While writing there are various factor that affects the structure of the dissertation such as research, location, topic, discipline and approach. 

For example,   if your dissertation topic is based on the evolution of humankind then and its structure would be similar to the essay writing.  And you would need to build some argument to support the central thesis of the dissertation.

But if your dissertation topic is based on some research in the field of science and technology then the approach of writing would be more systematic. And it would contain various elements which you will use for supporting your arguments.  Every major process and concept of the research will have a separate chapter. 

The table of content can also differ as most of the universities advise that conclusion should always come before the dissertation. So it is quite essential for everyone that they should follow all the university guidelines properly while drafting their dissertation.  

Title page

 It is the first page of your document which contain the title of the dissertation, students name, his institute name, degree program, and date of submission. Some universities want the university logo and supervisor name also. Some academic programs want students to follow strict format and guidelines for the dissertation title page. 


With the help of this section, you can thank everyone who helped you in your dissertation task.  This might include your supervisors, friends and family who supported you. 


With the help of the section, you can present a short summary of your dissertation in front of the reader. It is usually about 150 to 300 words long. You can add this section in your dissertation at the very end when you have done with the rest of the dissertation. Abstract, make sure to:

  • What is the motive behind choosing this topic and aim of your research?
  • Explain all the method which you used for writing the dissertation
  • Give a summary of the main result
  • State your conclusions

Due to the limited word count, the abstract cannot be exerted. You should add only relevant information in this section.  It is the first part of your dissertation that will people read so it is essential for you to make it interesting and error-free.

Table of Contents

With the help of the table of the content, we provide an overview to the structure of the dissertation. And help readers so that they could easily navigate the document. It is a section in which you make a list of all your chapters, heading, subheading and their page. 


It is the most important section, in which you set up the topic of the dissertation, its purpose and how it is relevant to the society. You also tell your reader what will they get in the rest of the dissertation. The introduction should be clear concise and error-free. 

Points  that you should remember while writing the introduction are listed below: 

  • For contextualizing your  work establish your research topic and provide proper background information
  • Explain the scope of the research and why it is important for society
  • Clearly state your research questions and objectives
  • State your research questions and objective 
  • Provide an overview of your dissertation and its structure

Every information in the introduction should be clear, relevant and engaging to your research. Once the reader is done with your introduction he must have all the answer about his what, why and how of your research.

Literature review 

A literature review is important if you want to have an understanding of the academic work that already exists on your topic that’s mean:

  • Collecting relevant information from the various sources (e.g. books and journal articles) 
  •  Analysing and evaluating each source on the basis of its importance
  •   Establishing the connection between them (e.g. themes, patterns, conflicts, gaps) and so that you could justify arguments.

The literature review section is not just about understanding the academic work that exists on your topic but develops a coherent structure and establishing a strong argument. So that the writer could justify his research:

  •  Helps to find a loophole in the literature
  •  Allow you to apply a new theoretical approach  to the topic 
  • Helps to get a solution for an unsolved problem
  • Advances a theoretical debate


It is a section which describes the methodology which you used for your research. It allows your reader to assess its validity. Points that you should include in the methodology section are listed below:

  •  The overall approaches which you used for your research (e.g. qualitative, quantitative, experimental, ethnographic)
  •  Methods which you used for data mining 
  •  Methods which you used for analyzing data. 
  • Tools and  material which  you used for research
  • Justification of your methods


After methodology now you report the output of your research. This section is full of sub-questions, topic and hypothesis. You should understand that there is a major difference between discussion and result. Some students get confused between result and discussion while drafting their dissertation. So you should try to understand the exact difference between them and use the relevant information. 

You can include table, graphs, and chart for representing the data of the result section.  You need to be very careful while representing the data and figures. With the help of this section, you can add value to your text. 


It is a section where you explore the exact meaning of your result in relation to your research questions. In this section, you need to interpret your result in detail. And discuss the result, whether they met your expectation or not. 


The dissertation conclusion should be concisely answered. It should clearly answer all the questions of the research and help the reader to understand the central augment of your dissertation. In some academic conventions conclusion considered as a short section that usually comes before the discussion. 

In a simple language, we can say the conclusion is a section where you wrap up your dissertation with a final reflection on what you did and how did you process the whole research.

Reference list

It is a section and where you provide complete detail of all the sources which you used for your dissertation. While preparing the reference list you must follow a consistent citation style. Each style has its own requirement and format that you need to follow while creating the reference list. One of the common styles which are used by most of the student for the reference list is APA and MLA. But sometime your program will specify which citation style you would use for making a reference list. 


You should use only relevant information for answering your research question. And if you add any data and information that does not fit to the main body of dissertation then it will consider as appendices

Editing and proofreading

Once you are done with your dissertation task now you need to proofread your content in order to remove all the grammatical and structural mistake from the content. Without proofreading you cannot be assured of the content quality of your dissertation. Grammar mistake and sloppy format can track down the quality of your dissertation and spoil your hard work. This is the reason why editing and proofreading are quite essential after any write-up. 

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