How Positive Body Language Can Affect Your Public Speaking?

If you want to find the truth, do not listen to the words coming to you. Rather see the body language of the speaker. It speaks the facts not audible. – Bhavesh Chhatbar

When you speak and try to deliver some message to the audience you don’t just use words for establishing communication between you and your audience. You need to use body language from your eye contact to facial expression. There are several things which define whether you are telling truth or a lie.

Same goes with the presentation. When you try to represent something in front of an audience your facial expression and way of talking explain a lot of thing like whether you are fully aware of the topic or you just trying to pretend that you have enough knowledge about the particular topic. 

Control over body language is quite important while doing a presentation. Don’t be over expressive and emotional while making your presentation.

Today in this blog article we will discuss how the body can language affect your public speaking. And help you to convey your message in a better way with your audience. Thus, As a homework help provider, we are here with our new blog How Positive Body Language Can Affect Your Public Speaking?

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How to improve your public speaking ability?

When you face an audience you need to be confident and clear with your thoughts. Your body language also plays a vital role when you interact with the audience this is the reason why you need to have control over your body language.

Some of the gesture you should care about while your public speaking are listed below:


Powerful pose

In 2011, US social psychologist Amy cuddy, Dana Carney and Andy yap explain how holding a strong pose can make a positive impact on your public speaking.
According to their theory and open pose can increase your testosterone and lower your cortisol. That’s mean now you will be able to work with your words in a more efficient manner without taking any stress.


  • Try to stand straight with your shoulders.
  • Rest your shoulders centrally by opening up one to another.
  • Place your hand in such a manner so that you could easily move them and make a hand gesture.
  • Try to make facial communication with your audience and interact with your eyes. So that they could easily engage with your words and make a full concentration with your speaking

Eye contact

This body posture is tested and tried that when you make eye contact with your audience. They feel more connected and engaged with you. Making eye connection not only generate connectivity between audience and speaker but also help you you to convey your message in a more efficient way. This make the audience more likely to respect and listen to you. 


  • When you’re talking to the large audience try to make eye contact at least for 4 seconds and then move to another one. 
  • Make eye contact in z-formation. Look at the one person at the corner left and another one the right corner then move towards the front left person and then go to the front right. By the following Z-formation, you will cover a lot of audiences and you will be able to gain their attention without facing any difficulty

Hand gesture

The hand gesture is one of the most non-verbal communication methods between you and your audience. With the help of the right hand and arm gesture, you can easily convey your message to your audience and they will feel more connected with you. 

You should also control your hand and arm gesture because some time due over the movement of the hand your gesture shows that you are nervous. And distract the attention of your audience. So keep reading to know how you should use this gesture in an effective manner


While speaking just imagine that you are using your hand gesture as a storytelling tool. And put verbs into action by acting them out with your hands 

  • Try to move your hands naturally according to your speaking don’t put extra effort for it
  • Use symbolic gesture to communicate with your audience. 


Moving around the stage is a great gesture because it shows that you are confident about your speaking. With the help of your body movement, you can command the audience around you. It shows the leadership quality also audience would love to get connect with you easily. But too much movement of the body can be quite distracting and the audience will fail to make a connection with you. So it is quite important that you must have proper control over your moment


  • Don’t pace around the stage in every 30 seconds. It will be quite distracting for the audience. Wait at least 3 minutes before leaving one stage area to another
  • Always change your topic when you are moving from one area of the stage to another. It will help you to shift the attention of your audience from one topic to another


The facial expression says a lot and they have the capability to convey a message from one end to another. Try to make eye contact with your audience and with some facial expression. It will make a positive aura and they will easily engage their self with you


  • Raise your eyebrows for showing sock and confusion 
  • When you are feeling happy in your story just smile
  • For showing the sad moment just move your lips and tilted them a little bit.


If you are a bit confident about your topic and you have control over your emotions and feeling. Then your body gesture will help you while speaking. The sound of your voice will be clear and loud when you are confident. But when you are not confident about your speaking then you will fail to raise your voice and your voice will not support your actions. So, it’s quite important for everyone speaker that he must have good voice command.


Try to make a control over your gesture and present your topic or story with full confidence. It will not only help you get the attention of the audience but also raise your voice

Watch some videos on how to speak good in front of the audience. And will definitely help you to know about the various technologies which you can follow while your speaking 


I hope this article was helpful to you and now you have all the answers about your queries related to how positive body language can affect your public speaking?. Public speaking is an art which you need to develop and by improving your body language you can easily convey your message with your audience without facing any issue. If you find this article useful then follow our homework help website for some exciting content.

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