Get Clear About the Difference Between Essay and Report Writing

In this world, everything has some commonness as well as differences. The same can be said in the case of essay and report writing.  Essay and report writing is considered as one of the essential tasks of academics. Many students are confused about the essay and report writing because there are many similarities which is  shared by both of the papers, 

difference between essay and report writing

However, there are some differences as well that separate an essay and report from each other. As a student, it is much important for you to have the idea of the differences between an essay and report writing.  

Sometimes lack of proper knowledge students fails to make a difference between both the form of writing and suffer from low grades. Thus, as a homework help online provider in the UK, we will try to discuss the same in this write-up. With the help of our homework service, you can learn various techniques of essay writing. Our blog on persuasive vs. argumentative essay can be very helpful to you and you can boost your knowledge of essay writing.

What is an Essay?

Writing an essay has always been a dreaded task among the students.  An essay can be related to any topic or subject. For writing an effective essay you need to follow a systematic approach of writing. You must try to break it into manageable parts so that you could easily explain every section of the essay and convey your message to the reader.  

Tips on writing an  effective essay

  1. Pick a topic
  2. Prepare an outline for essay writing 
  3. Write your thesis statements 
  4. An Introduction
  5. Write the body of the essay and add headings and subheading under this section if it required
  6. Conclusion

The step that you must follow while writing an academic essay.

  1. An essay is an academic paper in which you don’t have to write headings and sub-headings at the starting of the essay. You can define a topic with many paragraph breaks. Essay writing follow-up proper structure.  Basically it has five-paragraph section such as:
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph one
  • Paragraph two 
  • Paragraph three 
  • Conclusion

2. If you are allowed to pick a topic for essay writing always try to pick such topics in which you have an interest. Writing on an interesting topic is always been easier than and a topic about which you don’t know anything. 

3. If you are not allowed to pick a topic and your teacher has already assigned you the topic. In such a situation  conduct proper research for the topic and try to collect the information for essay writing from relevant sources. Without making a rough idea about the data it would be very hard for you to write an effective essay

4. Once you are done with the research, now you need to work on the structure of the assignment. You should follow the university guidelines for writing an essay assignment properly. 

5. An essay usually discusses the topics that are of academics and not related to other issues.

For an effective essay writing the knowledge of 5 paragraph essay is essential as most of the essays based on it. By following 5 paragraph essay on our website students can have a better understanding of the various form of essay writing techniques.

What is report writing?

Report writing looks similar to essay writing but it is a completely different form of writing in which you mention your purpose of writing about the topic for a particular audience. You need to deal with specific information and evidence to justify your views and ideas about the particular problem or issue. While report writing you need to follow the well-structured format of writing

Steps that you must follow while report writing 

  • Unlike an essay, you have to write a report dividing it into many sections with headings. You may also have to give the number to every section with headings and sub-headings.
  • An essay is a document that uses is just limited to academics. However, you can find a report in day to day life.
  • Reports have many types, you may be familiar with the academic reports such as journal articles. You can find many scientific reports in the newspaper and magazines and there are business reports as well that you can get to write or see in professional life.
  • There are chances that you will be asked to write a report on practical issues most often rather than academic topics.
  • The report is the document through which you can make recommendations often on the issue being discussed.

The Difference between an Essay and a Report


As we have discussed in this blog post that reports writing and essay writing is two different forms of writing in which we discuss some topics in two different ways.  Still, we can differentiate these two form of writing at several aspects some of them are listed below:

  1.  Purpose
  2.  Structure
  3.  Conclusion


There are many types of essays and they all have various purposes:  persuasive, expository, narrative and descriptive essays focus on the arguments and factual information. 

Where is a report represent the information in the way an expository essay would,  but the treatment of both the form of writing is completely different. Expository essays use words to lay out their information while the report is full of numbers and data. 


We have already discussed the basic structure of essay writing. Traditionally essay writing follows the introductory paragraph and this paragraph contain the writer’s thesis statement.  With the help of the introduction, the writer introduces the theme of the essay to the audience. After that, we work on body paragraphs and usually, it has 3 parts and then and we reached the conclusion.  This is the traditional form of essay writing. 

Unlike essays, report writing does not have any universal form of structure.  It completely depends on employee preferences like how they want to represent the information.  Report writer uses bullet points, charts, graphs and tables for representing data. The thing that differentiates report writing from essay writing is, it does not have a body paragraph.  Report writing is full of heading subheading sections and clear separation of ideas. Whereas the structure of essay writing is not that complicated. 

Reaching A Conclusion

An essay writer presents their thoughts on a topic and writes a conclusion about those thoughts. It is up to the writer to determine the points they’ll use to explain their reasoning and to describe how they came to that conclusion. 

A report writer is usually expected to draw conclusions about the data they present and make recommendations. Reports leave little to the imagination and require very specific research. A report writer will not be flexing any creative muscles since the information they’re required to include is based more on numbers and results than what the writer feels is important to explain about the topic.

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