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Consumer Behavior & Social Media in UK

Consumer behaviour and Social Media are complementary to each other. As we all know social media has become an essential part of our life. It relates to the applications and website which enable the distribution of data quickly and in real-time. Today use of social media is not just limited to communication with friends and family. It has achieved new heights in the field of data sharing. And plays a vital role in data processing and advertisement.

Social media has also become an essential tool for companies who want to understand consumer behaviour regarding their product and services. Today in this blog post we will discuss how consumer behaviour can be understood and analysed? And why it is essential for the growth of any business. Our blog and article experts performed an extensive research process before writing this blog article and made it informative.

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The study is conducted to find out the the the aim of social media and also analyse the consumer behaviour on different parameters. The main objective of this study is to analyse the positive and negative impact of social media. The study also explains the factor that analyzes and makes an effect on consumer behaviour along with the different type of consumer behaviour.


Analysing consumer behaviour through their advertising and selling help to understand how the consumer would react to services and product. Consumer interest and requirement is the key player in the promotion of any business practice. 

The finding is processed by companies which try to find out the exact requirement of the consumers. If the company fails to understand the mind of consumer this could lead to losses. So it is quite important for every company to have a good understanding of consumers behaviour. 

As we can see the living standard, requirement and pattern of liking of the consumers are changing rapidly. Companies need to advertise their product at a larger scale by following analysis process of consumers requirement so that they could meet their sales goal.

How social media help to understand consumer behaviour

In order to achieve the desired goal, social media plays a vital role in this. And help companies to understand the requirement and behaviour of consumers. Basically social media is an aggregation of blogs software and channels which provide a database on consumer behaviour. And this is the reason why social media is considered a powerful resource. If you are socially active you must be aware of the advertisements that continuously appear on your page once you search any product over the web.

Did you ever try to find out the reason why you are getting ads of your product at your social media handle which you have searched earlier? If you have a search for this you would be aware of the complex algorithm that works for companies and their product. Whenever you search for any product it automatically redirects your social media handle based on your liking and disliking. Basically it is a technique of advertisement which try to catch the maximum attention of the consumer.


We are living in a society and era where data is a king. Today we have knowledge that has the capability to affect our mind and this is how social media works. It is a continuous flow of information and plays a vital role in the field of advertisement and marketing.

Social media help companies to access the popularity of their product among the audience. And give an initial framework in front of companies. So that they can make better marketing strategies and understand human behaviour for the growth of their product and company.

Consumer Behaviour

Companies take help from a marketing expert who has the capability to judge consumer behaviour based on various factors. With the help of marketing expert companies generally consider buying decisions,  impression and those factors which can improve the growth of the product manufacturing. Understanding the exact requirement of the consumer. And delivering them product which can fulfil all their requirements is quite a tough task. This is the reason why companies hire a marketing expert who has good experience in handling consumer behaviour and requirements.

Characteristics that Affect Consumer Behavior

Consumer behaviour depends on various factors such as cultural factor, personal factors and many more. Now we will discuss every factor in a detailed manner.


Cultural factor help to understand the customer attitudes and  explain how social group and subculture are heavily influenced by  human behaviour

 The main part of Of Cultural factor are listed below:

  • Culture
  • Subculture
  • Social Class


Consumer buying activity can be examined with the help of social implications, references, classes and social factors.

Some of the  essential parts of social factor are listed below:

  • Reference groups
  • Family
  • Roles and Status


Personal factor influence the action of customers and these factor depends on lifestyle, job, economic status, gender etc.

 Some of the essential components of personal factor are listed below:

  • Age 
  • Occupation
  • Economic situation
  • Lifestyle
  • Personality


 The psychological factor can be counter  via four major psychological variables that are listed below:

  • Motivation
  • Perception
  • Beliefs and Attitudes


Now we can see how social media and consumer behaviour are complementary to each other. And how it can counter and influence human behaviour and help companies. As we all know social media is the most powerful tool of information and data sharing.

Use of social media has become quite common among every age of the group and provide a perfect platform for marketing and advertising. On-behalf of users liking they get promotional ads on their wall and get influenced by companies. It all marking strategy which is completely based on consumers behaviour.

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