Challenges for international students in UK – How to overcome them?

Studying abroad has always been a dream of many students and when they get the chance to study abroad they get various opportunities and exposure. UK, USA, Germany, Australia have always been the first preference of international students. The quality of education provided by these countries are always been high. And students get a lot of opportunities for their career growth.

Studying abroad sounds very fascinating and attracts students this is the reason why every year a lot of students apply for a student visa. But studying abroad is not as easy as it seems to be. No one ever tells you about the challenges that students would face once they leave their native country and start their academics.

Today in this blog post we will discuss challenges for international students in the UK and how they can overcome those challenges. You can also follow our latest blog on Opportunities for international students in UK and prepare yourself for better opportunities. We as a homework help online providers in the UK, assist students for their academic worries of writing related to the any subject and topics. So, keep reading to know about the opportunities that students may have during their academics.

Challenges for international students in UK

There are many challenges that students may face during their academics in UK. Some of them are listed below:


Culture Shock (Felling like and outside)

A report given by the UK Council for international student affairs (UKCISA) says culture shock is a common situation or issue among international students who arrive in the UK for their academic career. When a student leaves his native country and starts his academic career in another country need to deal with various things such as culture, food, dressing and many more. But sometimes student fails to deal with these things and feel left out especially in their first week or month of academics.

To overcome such situations students should try to to get connect with those students who are from their native country. Students from the same country always love to help each other and they can become good friends also. As time goes on, students will adopt the culture and way of living in a particular country.

Communication (Language barrier)

Another major problem faced by international students in UK is related to communication. Students who don’t have good understanding and command over the English language face a lot of difficulties during their academics in UK.

These kinds of circumstances arise when a student is from a country that doesn’t speak English. So it is quite important for students that they must have good command over English if they want to pursue their career in the UK. Lack of English speaking ability not only affects students’ communication but also prevents them from making new friends. But there are several institutions in UK where you can improve your English speaking and writing ability you just need to enroll yourself in an English language course. And you can overcome the language barriers.


Homesickness is one of the major challenges and it is quite common among international students. When you have been living with your family all your life. And once you decide to study abroad now you need to prepare yourself for an independent life. In such a situation if you are not mentally prepared the possibility of homesickness would be very high.

Most of the student suffers from homesickness when they do not get the opportunity to spend their holidays with their family due to the hectic pressure of academics. But students should understand that in academic sessions students need to deal with various challenges. And homesickness is considered as one of the common challenges from which students can easily overcome if they have a bit of control over their emotions.

Today we have several means of communication by which we can get connected with our loved one. And overcome the issues of homesickness easily. Students should try to cope up with the culture and environment. And try to spend some time with friends so that they could easily overcome such issues.


Finding suitable housing in UK is not as easy as it is seen to be. You need to do a lot of research for finding a perfect place. Most of the time students try to find accommodation nearby universities so that they could easily manage transportation costs and save time. But sometimes if it becomes very hectic for the international student. As they don’t have proper information about the locality and accommodation facilities.

In such a situation students should take help from online portals which provide accommodation facilities near the universities. These online sites are quite popular among international students. And with the help of these sites students can easily find their desired locality at a cost-efficient price.


When does a student decide to study abroad the first thing that he must care about whether he has enough financial resources to pay for tuition, transportation, housing and other living requirements in UK or not? Students should do complete research and try to minimize the cost of living as much as they can.

Students can also work part-time and easily manage their funding issues without being worried about anything. Part-time work during academic is quite popular among students and most of the student in academic work part-time so that they could meet their expenses and face the funding challenges in an effective manner


Now we have proper information about all the challenges that may international students face during their academics in UK. Students can easily deal with these challenges in an effective manner if they are aware of the challenges. And enjoy their academics without being pressurized and worried about anything.

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