A Guide to Writing a Technical Report

Writing a technical report is quite different from other forms of essay writing because you need to follow its format. Report writing is full of technical information so a bit mistake can ruin your whole effort. This is the reason why you should be very careful while writing a technical report. 

In a simple manner, we can say the technical report contains a lot of technical information and this information should be well organised. Before writing you need to understand the complete structure of technical report writing so that you could achieve your objective while writing.

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Technical report format and how to proceed it step by step?

Technical report writing follows a systematic approach of writing. And it should contain the following terms:

  • The title page
  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Experimental details
  • Results and discussions
  • The body
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
  • Reference
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgements
  • Appendices

The title page

The title page is the first page of your report and it contains the information like the title of the report, date with supervisor’s information.  This page also considered as the cover page of your report and you should always careful while making this page. This page is completely separated from the word count so whatever you write in this page, will not consider for the word count of the report. 


The main theme of the report is highlighted by you in the introduction. It is a section where you explain your topic and let the reader understand the purpose of writing report. You can also some detail on the floor of the report so that the reader can know what he should expect from this report writing. 

The summary

In this section, you are required to write an overview of the whole report with its result and conclusion in brief. You can provide a little bit of information about all the section of your report and  deliver the idea of a central theme to the reader. 

Experimental details

It is a section where you provide every single detail of your experiment and what were the types of equipment which is used for the experiments. You are free to ignore this section if you report writing do not include any kind of experiment. 

Results and discussions

It is a section where you are expected to explain everything about the result that you obtained from your test and experiments. You are required to give a clear explanation so that the reader could have all the possible answers for his queries.

The body

It is the most important part of the report writing because it is a section where you provide all the necessary information about your experiment. Try to use many heading and subheading in this section this will not only improve the quality of your report but also make it more presentable and help you to get the attention of the reader.


Your conclusion must be clear and crisp. It is a section where you provide a summary of the main point which you included in the body of your report.  This action should not exceed more than 300 words and try to make it precise.


Once you are done with the conclusion section now you need to work on the recommendation. It is a section where you are supposed to suggest a solution to the changes that are discussed in the body. And this is a point where your opinions are welcomed.


In this section, you are required to make a proper list for all the material that you used in your research. You can also add some detail of external content which you used for your report writing by giving them credit.


Most of the student get confused between bibliography and references because it seems a bit similar to the reference. But, in reality, it is a section where you go ahead and list the sources that you didn’t use in your research. Mostly  Bibliography contained information about the sources that can be used for the report writing


This section includes information about those who helped you in your report. This includes even those who proofread your work and make sure that it has no error and well-formatted. 


It is a section, where you mention about all the material that you used to put your opinion and point in the report such as graphs and diagram. With the help of this section, you can mention them. 

How to present the report? 

Just writing is not enough you must have the skill of presentation. Without the proper presentation of the information, your report will not make any kind of impact on the reader’s mind and the chances of getting good marks would be very low. So you must have knowledge of how to present the information in a constructive way in the report. 

Below are some of the standard presentation guidelines:

  • Script – always use A4 paper for presenting the report. Always remember hand-written report is not accepted when it comes to the technical report.
  • Page numbers – numbering of the page is the most important thing to follow. It navigates the readers and help them to find the desired result
  • Margins – you should use a margin of at least 2.54cm all round.
  • Binding – bind your technical report and make give it a presentable look.

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