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A complete guide for accommodation in Australia for International Students

When students decide to study in abroad they need to be prepared for the upcoming challenges that they may face during their abroad stay.  Finding accommodation is one of those challenges and it can be considered as one of the most daunting tasks. But if you are fully aware what and how of your search, then your abroad stay will be a cakewalk. 

This blog post is completely dedicated to the students who come to Australia for their further studies and search for accommodation option. Most of the universities don’t follow university housing facility or they have very restricted policies for the international students who acquire university accommodation facility.

This is the reason why most of the student at Australian universities live off-campus to use various homestay methods such as hostels, rental properties, local homestay programs and many more. 

Today in this blog post we will discuss a complete guide for accommodation in Australia for International Students. With the help of this blog, students can resolve all their worries about accommodation in Australia. Our experts at  have curated a list of option for accommodation so keep reading to know about them.

Some of the important aspects of students accommodation are listed below:


 With the help of the homestay program, an international student can easily stay with an Australian family in their home. It is one of the good option for international students as they can fully integrate themselves into Australian life with random Australian families. These homestay programs are quite popular among those students who enrol their self in a short term educational course. 

Student can easily get a single or shared room according to their financial status and these rooms are easily available. The cost of accommodation depends on the type of rooms.  But you can estimate the pricing between A$110 and A$270 per week. The cost of the meal generally included in the accommodation services. So if you are planning to study in Abroad then homestays can be a good option. And you can easily afford them as they are quite cost-efficient and easily available. 

Hostel and Guest House Accommodation

Hostel and guest house accommodation is also popular among the students’ but they have limited services and facilities. Most of the hostel and guest house accommodation do not have a separate kitchen and bathroom facility. Students need to share these facilities but these accommodation facilities are quite cost-efficient and students can easily afford. It is around A$80-A$135 a week. It is an ideal option for those students who can’t afford separate homestays. And they can easily go for it. Student needs to cook for themselves in this type of accommodations. Students can easily make social interaction among the other international student during their stay in guest house and hostels

Rental Property

Staying in rental properties is also an option that students can easily adapt to their accommodation. Many students in Australia use to share their accommodation property with several housemates in order to minimise the cost of rental property. Students who choose this type of housing facility may either move into a pre-established household property or they set up a household facility with some of their friends. In this type of accommodation, students need to arrange all the accessories that are essential for living. As most of the rental properties do not fully-furnished. The cost of rental accommodation varies for betweenA$100-A$400 per week. And sharing accommodation cost around A$70-A$250 per week. It can be a good option for accommodation for students.

On-Campus Housing

As we have already discussed that Australian universities rarely provide housing facilities. And if they provide this facility then student need to follow their strict rule of accommodation which is not accepted by most of the students. This is the reason why the majority of Australian student live off-campus.  But still, if you want to choose on-campus housing facility then you need to connect with the institution prior to your arrival in Australia. Generally, on-campus accommodation cost very around A$80-A$250 per week.

Residential Colleges

If you want accommodation with full services like a meal, cleaning the internet, and many more then residential colleges can be the best choice for you. They offer wide range of services and this is the reason why they are generally more expensive than another form of accommodations


You can find many apartments nearby universities.  Staying in the apartment not only make you close to the campus also if you share your apartment space with your friend you can minimise the cost of accommodation easily. Under this accommodation, students have many facilities. There is a wide range of accommodations option that is easily available to the students in Australia.  If you estimate then you will get to know on average 80 to 90% of a student in Australia live off-campus. They choose accommodation type according their requirement and budget. Staying in an apartment has always been quite popular among the students as it is less costly and provide many facilities like independent space, security and many more.   

How to find cheap student accommodation? 

Today we have many facilities by which we can easily find student accommodation without putting a lot of effort. You just need to use some websites that are quite popular for helping students by  finding them perfect accommodation

Some of them are listed below:


The Pad

 If you want to live with full luxury and don’t want to compromise with the services then you can get an ideal place by using this website. With the help of this website, you can have complete detail about properties according to your requirements

Student One

If you want to stay within the city with easy access to public spaces, cafe grocery store then you can use this website and get the premium accommodation in Australia. 

International House

If you want to live with your community then international house website can help you with this concern.  This website is popular for providing communal accommodation and with the help of this website student from various nationalities find their perfect stay. 


If you want accommodation with the facilities of sports, swimming and gymnasium then this website can help you to get the desired accommodation.

 With the help of this website, you can book consult and he will help you to find your desired accommodation. This website is popular among those students who don’t want to compromise with their stay and facilities.


If you want to stay in Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane then this site can help you to get a perfect place in your desired locality and city.  With the help of this website, you can have accommodation with modern rooms along with social and study spaces.

If you are looking for a fully furnished apartment with all the facilities like water, electricity and cleaning then you can use this website and get accommodation according to your requirements.

With the help of this website, you can have complete information about all type of accommodation available for the students. 

Sun Brisbane

If you want to rent an apartment in Brisbane than with the help of this website you can easily have a single or shared type of accommodation without being worried about anything.

Australian Homestay Network

If you want to know about Australian culture by staying with Aussie families then this website can fulfil all your desire. As it is quite popular among the student who prefers to have local accommodation like Homestay. 


This website can help you to get apartments to have all the basic amenities that are essential for living such as dishwasher, washing machine,  and many more. You can also access free Wi-Fi facility in such apartments. 

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